a few words about us

You go outside, slowly walking down the road. A song plays in your mind and you can imagine pictures.

You walk on and leave all your cares behind. You sing your song and take your steps to the rhythm.

Soon some doors are being opened and the ones who can hear you will join you and walk along. Together you walk down the road and make music. Your music. All becomes one – and you share the air you are breathing.

Four musicians have found each other to set up the band „The Air We Breathe“. They make people sit up and take notice. The band’s subtly melancholic and at the same time powerfully rising tracks take us along on diverse musical journeys. Other soloistic passages, poetic lyrics and the lead singer’s distinctive voice set a course to arouse the listener’s curiosity.

what we offer

Melancolic and soft music to dream

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Powerful alternative pop rock

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A 90 minutes heardbraking show

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